A VOCATION: hydrauliCS

Inflatable packers, pumps & boosters manufaturer for construction and industry since 1956.

Département connecteurs & accessoires

Suppliers (Connectors & Accessories)

The Connectors & Accessories department provides storage and sale of specialized industrial connection supplies (hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical and oil industry, fire) as well as installation of flexible hoses (Parker).

Département Activités spécifiques, TP et Industrie

Specific Activities (Construction & Industry)

The Specific Activities department (public works and industry sectors) designs and sells inflatable packers (BIMBAR), test pumps and booster pumps, as well as components for high pressure and very high pressure fluid circulation.

Département Solutions de problèmes pétroliers, hydrauliques & géotechniques

Oil, Hydraulic & Geotechnical Problem Solutions

The Petrol and Development department researches and develops custom-built equipment, specializing in resolving petroleum-related, hydraulic and geotechnical problems, as well as many related environmental issues (permeability testing, soil remediation, CO2 capture, etc.)

Des centaines de références

Our equipment used on major construction sites

Fuel management, desalination, CO2 storage…

Petrometalic specializes in the PACKAGE: a single order can bring together all the components of a skid

Supply of complete skids
Customized design and manufacturing
Reliable & durable solutions

Lubin mine
– Poland

Well Reinforcement Using 30mm and 42mm packers.

Tsing Ma Bridge
Honk Kong

Reinforcement using 42mm inflatable packers.

Ataturk dam
– Turkey

Use of 42mm and 54mm packers for the sealing curtain.

Haoud Berkaoui site

Wellhead Desalination Skid for Sonatrach.