Since 1975  SAS  PETROMETALIC has manufactured the Packer BIMBAR.

Designed by our design office in collaboration with the Cie BERGOUGNAN, we have always respected the standards defined at the time.

The companies KLEBER then TRELLEBORG continued this complex manufacturing with the same rigor. 

Each length produced undergoes severe tests and non-conformities landfilled.

On our end, the end caps are made of special steel, the interior lines are made of 316L stainless steel, connection dudgeoned, the manual welds, pressure tests before
shipment and individual marking.

The Packer Bimbar is made to last (20 injections and more)

The condition : respect the rules of use.

Diam Packer = Adapted choice
Drilling = Prefer protected drill otherwise beware of soft soils, iron, flint, oils….
Inflation pressure respected = always higher than the injection pressure
Beware of the water column, artesian well…(10 m = 1 Bar)
 Total deflation before leaving the packer
Complete cleaning, after use and storage under dry shelter
Prefer inflation with clear water. Neutral gases, possible (Air-Nitrogen) exclure the others

A proscrire, déja vu sur chantiers :

NICE : shutter over-inflation diam 130 = GUN
USA : oxygen inflation = explosive

Philippe MAZUREL – CEO