Desalination skid for Sonatrach’s oil wellheads

The Specific Activities department of Petrometalic has developed a solution for desalting oil wellheads for Sonatrach.

Sonatrach has approved this new desalination skid designed by Petrometalic engineers at the Haoud Berkaoui site. The skid operates solely on instrument gas (wellhead outlet) energy, filters the incoming gas at 7 bars, to achieve an output pressure of 300 bars, based on the Petrometalic S218 hydraulic power unit.

Solution used in 2005 at a Saharan oil site based on the SP400 booster

30 skids installed in 2016 based on the S218 booster with a gas line to supply the pneumatic engine, low-pressure water line (7 bars), and high-pressure water line (300 bars). To date, no reported breakdowns and no need for spare parts supply.