Gas stations & Fuel distribution

Petrometalic’s petroleum activities covers comprehensive needs related to installation, exploitation, and maintenance of gas stations and other fuel distributors.

Here are the company’s main areas of expertise:

1. Installation

  • Single and double-shell tanks
  • Volume indicators and gas station pumps
  • Single and double-walled pipe – UPP and steel
  • Emptying fuel tanks and neutralizing existing installations
  • Leak detection
  • Gauging
  • Fire protection
  • Bringing installations up to current code or standard
  • Awnings

2. Fuel metering and management

  • Managing additives
  • Managing local fleet
  • Managing stock and consumption with computers
  • Integrated management of large fleet using remote transmission

Petrometalic has also recently created a line of thermal motor-pumps for petroleum uses.

Achievements Examples

Gestion de carburants pour une flotte régionale de 300 cars en Belgique (2004)

Fuel management for the regional fleet of 300 tour buses in Belgium (2004)

Inertage à l’azote de l’avitaillage essence de vedettes d’intervention sur un bâtiment de soutien de la Marine Nationale (2005)

Inerting for the French Navy: Using nitrogen to inert the gas filling tanks on the emergency launches on a French Navy support ship (2005)