HP220 test hand pump with tank

The hand pump with simple piston effect is ideal for hydraulic tests, inflating packers and many other industrial applications. This sturdy pump is perfectly suited for on site use.

Test liquid

Clear water, water/oil emulsion, light oil.


The only thing to do is to fill up and vent the system completely. Close drain valve and vent of test piece. Then operate the plunger in order to create the required test pressure. When test procedure is completed, open drain valve before disconnecting test piece.



HP UX 60

Rectangular 10L tank

Max. pressure 60 bar

HP 300

30L tank

Max. pressure 60 bar

HP 220

30L tank

Max. pressure 100 bar

HP 500

30L tank

2 versions : max. pressure 100 or 200 bar

HP 32/12

60L tank

Max. pressure 600 bar

HP 32/8

60L tank

Max. pressure 1000 bar