Pneumatic piston pump for injection of bi-component resin

Conceived for a use in galleries/tunnels, the pump is adapted for bi-component resin and acrylic gels. lt is made of big -dimension valves and pistons in order to allow the pumping of very viscous mixings as well.

lncluded: Outlet manometers with protector, aspiration pipe, air pressure regulator with a condensating filter and an emergency stop button.

Not included: supply hose & mixing head (only available in option), Steck-O fitting (on request).

Some models are frame mounted pumps on wheels.

  • Air pressure : max. 7 bar
  • Injection pressure : max. 160 bar
  • Injection flow : 18 l/min *
  • Sound level : 45 dB (A)
  • Dimensions : 1120 x 410 x 430 mm
  • Net weight : 75 kg