SP400 high flow booster

SP400 surpresseur de chantier
Surpresseur SP400 pompe portative double effet sur chariot
Surpresseur SP400 pompe portative double effet, châssis
  • SP400 booster standalone : approx. weight : 25 kg
  • SP400 booster with frame : approx. weight 32 kg
  • Engine fluid : air, azote, etc.
  • Fluid to pressurize : water, oil, compatible chemical fluids, etc…
4 RatiosRatio : 13Ratio : 24Ratio : 55Ratio : 70
Max. Pressure90 bar168 bar385 bar490 bar
Max. Debit15 l/min13 l/min8,5 l/min6,5 l/min
Volume displaced per cycle100 cm356 cm325 cm320 cm3

Lightweight, sturdy, compact, easily transportable, well suited for building sites where large pumps cannot be installed.
Easy and quick maintenance.
Fully equipped, ready to use and CE certified.


Pressure recorder, High and low pressure flexible hose, protection frame, etc…


The SP400 pump transforms the LP component into an HP component through the engine fluid. The pressure can be set thanks to a manual pressure regulator.